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Meet The Musicians 


Kutterz Caribbean Productions is a family run band, started in 1988 by Gerald




Gerald Rampersad

Steel Drum, Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, & WX-WT 11 Wind Controller

Composer / Educator


As a result of his stylistic and harmonic innovations, Gerald Rampersad is one of the most influential steel drummer and saxophonists in the Caribbean. His combination of calypso, reggae, jazz and East Indian influences has made him a unique and well accomplished musician. Born into a musical household in the Island of Trinidad and tobago in 1966, Gerald's father—a salesman by trade brought him into the family band Sitar Hind Orchestra, led by his Grandfather Lal Rampersad. 

Gerald grew up among four Uncle’s Sham, Leon, Kumar, and Arjoon who are also well known respected achieved musicians of Trinidad & Tobago. Growing up he listened to Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker and Duke Ellington. Gerald Rampersad has won two Sunshine Awards with JMC Triveni Band and numerous Caribbean Award collaborations with Super & The Love Band.


Starting out on alto sax Gerald he soon switched over to flute and clarinet playing contemporary and traditional Indian film songs, soca, calypso, chutney, jazz and classical music. Moved by the genius of John Coltrane, Rampersad switched to tenor sax after graduating from flushing high school in 1985.  Studying at York College with professor Moormans jazz workshop, he was then able to landing work with several bands.


 After studying and playing with various artists and local musicians John Farnsworth, Andrew Beals, Wallace Rooney, Paul Litrenta, Rampersad then went on to make his own name in the music industry. Gerald has recorded and performed with numerous Caribbean Soca artist, Iwer George, Super Blue, Colin Lucas, United Sisters, Preacher, David Rudder, Crazy, Duke, Explainer, Baron Brigo, Marshal Montano & The Extatic Band, The Mighty Shadow, Chris Garcia, Calypso Rose, Black Stalin, Brother Resistance just to name a few. Rampersad has also work with American R & B Superstar from the Main Ingredient Cuba Gooding Sr. Luis Miguel & Tito Puente Jr.

In 1992 Super Blue’s Love Band came calling for Rampersad as musical director and arranger for his touring band in the U.S. and Europe. At the same time finding time to play and record for Chutney artist such as, Rikki Jai, Anand Yankaran, Sonny Man, Drupatee, Anil Bheem, Sundar Popo, Cecil Fonrose, Adesh Samaroo, Gatto, Sally Edwards, Queen Yasmin, Celia Samaroo and more. Rampersad has also performing with India’s finest recording and Indian film superstars like,  Kumar Sanu, Manaday, Anup Jolota, and Annurada Pudwalsingh. In the spring of 1994 Gerald landed an acting roll in the off Broadway Play at Lincoln Center “Play Boy Of The West Indies. 


The play ran for Six Months off Broadway, working along side veteran superstar actor Anthony Fargus (Huggy Bear on Stasky & Hutch) and Loraine Toussaint more famous for the television series L.A. Law. Rampersad has also  performed at many  Caribbean  

Awards at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem with such artist as Benie Man, Shaba Ranks, Patra, Shaggy,&  Israel Vibrations. Rampersad first held musical direction for Super Blue’s Love Band and then moved on in 1995 as assistant musical director and arranger for the JMC Triveni Band and the JMC Caribbean Music Label JMC Records.

In 1995 Gerald Rampersad joined the JMC Triveni Band as musical director and arranger along side band leader Keyboard Wizard Veerendra Persad. Studying numerous influences,  Rampersad introduced the melodic harmony of jazz riffs and progression with standard Indian and chutney chords, raising the bar, making JMC Triveni one of the most studied and influential bands in the chutney, Soca, Calypso industry. 


Gerald has recorded extensively with Super Blue on Ice records and the JMC Triveni band on the JMC Music label (Jamaican Me Crazy). He has four solo albums to his credit, a Jazz compilation of originals that include three Bob Marley cover songs, an Indian jazz album entitled Music Beyond Time, Cool Down Jazz release in 2007 and his latest album Standard One 2009 with keyboard professor Frankie McIntosh. You can still expect the incredible contemporary jazz ensemble sound and the extensive, elaborate section work from Gerald. 

Working with Ice Records in St. Phillip Barbados at Eddie Grants two studios, Rampersad had the opportunity to work with and alongside such great arrangers as Frankie McIntosh, Pelham Goodard, Juiceman, & Eddie Grant. He also performed and recorded with popular bands like Roy Cape & The Kaiso All Stars, Atlantic, Charlies Roots, Blue Ventures, Chandilier, Marshal Montano & The Exstatic Band.

The Jazz Soca, Calypso, Indian Fusion sound is an interesting one at that, it is a sophisticated acquired taste that Gerald hopes the listener will have  as much fun and enjoyment  as he did  recording it. He wishes to thank his family, friends, fans and supporters all over the world for their continued support and love.


“He has been compared to Kenny G, Grover Washington and early Charlie Parker, and his resume and collaborations with music’s elite are well documented and growing. Still Gerald Rampersad may be TT’s best kept musical secret, according to the manager of 110 Jazz and Calypso Lounge in San Fernando,”Dawad Phillip. Gerald Rampersad has also performed with Cuba Gooding Senior, Tito Puete Jr. and Wayne Newton.

After many years of touring and recording Gerald returned to New York City and formed the Kutterzband comprising of close members of his family and friends who are equally talented in music and entertainment.



Here are some clips of Gerald performing 

Song - red red wine(ub40) and Calypso groove

Live Performance stamford yacht club in Connecticut and the dublin deck in New York 

song - waiting in vain - Bob Marley 

Live Performance at private party in new jersey 



Kutterz Caribbean Productions is co-owned


and run by both Gerald and his son




Jason Rampersad

Steel Drum, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Trombone, Ableton Specialist

Composer / Educator

It is no secret that Jason was born into a musical family. Being the son of a virtuoso musician and singer, he was drawn to music quickly and organically. From a young age Jason began to show a unique ability to quickly pick up and learn music by ear all on his own. He started investing himself in music at the early age of 3, where he started to sing and play keyboard lines along to his favorite songs. He soon joined his fathers band where he spent time studying and growing with the guidance of seasoned and experienced musicians. Eventually at his fathers request he started taking Trombone lessons from his father and learned to read and write music. Educating himself with books and the use of the internet, he spend most of his early musical developmental years practicing and growing his musical abilities. At the age of 15 Jason discovered his love for the guitar. Using his acquired knowledge of music theory he was able to teach himself the instrument. He soon decided to further his studies by studying at York college in Jamaica, New York. After college he started studying Steel Drum and through his strong theoretical background in music he was able to teach himself the steel drum in a months time. Since then he has worked with many entertainment companies such as DanceJock, BodyRock, Tommy Tunes, and Long Island sound Etc.. Where he has done many Cocktail hours, Private parties, Corporate events and more. He has also performed with many Caribbean legends such as David Rudder, Sparrow, Calypso Rose Etc..

Heavily influenced by Jazz, Rock, Pop, Top 40, R&B, funk, Country, Soca, Reggae, Calypso and many other genres of music, Jason brings an air of versatility to his performances that is very Unique and captivating.


Here Are some clips of Jason performing 

steel pan demo - reggae and Calypso Medley

Live performances at Crest hollow country club and private party in New Jersey 

Song - feel so good chuck mangione (Guitar improvisation)

Live performance at Crescent beach club in bayville New York  

Song - Lost in Love - Air supply

Live Performance at Lands End wedding Venue In Long Island, New York!!



Shamelah Rampersad

Steel Drum, Vocals, Keyboards, and Trumpet  

Performer / Singer Song Writer/ 

Like her older brother Shamelah showed significant signs of musical potential at a very young age. She started singing as soon as she could formulate words. It was no surprise since both of her parents were singers. Her favorite instrument has always been her voice. She has developed a unique singing style that is hers and hers alone. She spent most of her younger days listening to her favorite singers and working on their techniques. Eventually, her father bought her a trumpet and started teaching her to read and write music along side her brother Jason. When she began school she started taking singing lessons. She would take part in school musical plays and events and would always be the talk of the evening. When she was 8 she started singing on cocktail hours and private events with her fathers band. On the job she would receive steel drum lessons from pan maestro Kurt Jardine a close friend of her fathers. As the years continued she was blessed with the opportunity to share the stage with numerous Caribbean legends including The Mighty Sparrow who was brought to tears when he heard how beautiful her voice was. Heavily influenced by singers like Avril lavigneCeline Dion, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and more, Shamelah. has developed a versatile style that has made her heavily requested by clients. She has done many events over the years working with companies like Dancejock and BodyRock. She is the lead singer and frontline for the Kutterzband. Giving the band a professional and classy presentation with her warm and welcoming personality.


Here Are some clips of Shamelah performing 

Live Performance at The Dublin deck in Patchogue, New York!!

Song - a thousand years - Christina Perry

studio performance Steel pan and vocal demo



Charmin Rampersad

Vocals, Drums, and Percussion   

Performer / Singer Song Writer/ 

Like her Husband Gerald, Charmin comes from a musical family. A family band consisting of her father, brothers, and sisters. From a young age Charmin and her family were groomed by their business savvy father for musical performance. Charmin started out on percussion playing a rhythmic role in the band with her congas. However, when the time came for her to move on to the live drum set, she eagerly accepted. In the late 70's early 80's it was a novelty for a young female to be a drummer especially in Trinidad. With her singing ability and her drumming she gathered the attention of top Caribbean bands including Chandelier run by Carl and Carrol Jacobs. She landed a role in the band and began touring all over the country. However, her family's band was also starting to get noticed all over the world.  As result, Charmin left Trinidad and Chandelier to move to America where she would continue their family tour. It was in New York she met her husband Gerald and they began performing music together. They eventually got married and had 2 kids Jason and Shamelah. Because they were both musicians they understood the opportunities that they both received and supported each others musical goals. As a result, they were able to build a business based on music performance and their mutual love for it and each other. While Gerald continued to tour, Charmin held down the fort and ran the kutterzband. Helping them to succeed internally and externally whether in the tristate area or in another country such as Trinidad or England. Her stage experience and expertise has been an important factor in the bands performance capabilities. Also a frontline and lead singer for the Kutterzband, Charmin brings charm and grace to the Kutterzband product and helps to captivate clients with her smiles, singing, and drumming.

Here Are some clips of charmin performing 

Live Performance at The sully's wharf in Amityville New York!!

Song - Is this love - Bob Marley

Song feeling hot hot hot - arrow 

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